I might vote for John McCain, if…

I’ve been hearing lots of reports on the News about “John McCain attacking Barack Obama.” Now I’m not really sure why this is News, since he’s been doing this pretty consistently but, that got me thinking… It WOULD be News if John McCain attacked Barack Obama with a hammer.

I’d vote for John McCain if he attacked Barack Obama with a hammer, simply for originality!

When’s the last time a politician attacked another politician with a blunt instrument? I think you’d have to go back all the way to the 1820’s to the floor of the US Senate when one Senator – who I can’t remember the name of – bludgeoned another Senator ‘Whoitsface’ to death with the top of his cane. This is true. Look it up; I’m too lazy.

Okay, so maybe John McCain cracking Barack Obama’s head open like a ripe melon isn’t a very original idea, afterall. You lose my vote John McCain.


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